Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

AMLS Aircraft Maintenance and Line Support


1. Commitment to human and labor rights.

a. AMLS expresses its commitment and connection with the human and labor rights recognized in national and international legislation and with the principles on which the United Nations Global Compact and the Social Policy of the International Labor Organization are based, as well as the documents or texts that can replace or complement those previously mentioned.
b. In particular, it expresses its total rejection of child labor and forced or compulsory labor and undertakes to respect the freedom of association and collective bargaining, as well as the rights of ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples in the places where they carry out their activities.

2. Commitment with the Authorities.

a. The relations with the authorities, the regulatory bodies and the Public Administrations will be considered under the principles of cooperation and transparency.

3. Commitment to Clients.

a. AMLS, applying transparency, information and protection standards in any case, is committed to offering a quality of services and products equal or superior to the legally established quality standards and requirements.
b. AMLS guarantees the confidentiality of its clients’ data, agreeing not to disclose them to third parties, except with the consent of the client or by legal obligation or in compliance with judicial or administrative resolutions.

4. Commitment to Suppliers.

a. AMLS will adapt the supplier selection processes to criteria of objectivity and impartiality and will avoid any conflict of interest or favoritism in its selection.